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Range Safety Information

Eligibility for Range Use

1. Active members of the Brookfield Rod and Gun Club, Inc. in possession of a current Range Safety Orientation Certificate and the appropriate state issued LTC or FID.


2. Non-members must be accompanied and supervised by an eligible Range Certified Club member as stated in #1 above.  Only one person may shoot at a time due to safety/insurance concerns.


Range Safety Orientation Certificate (RSOC) Requirements for Range Use

 ALL new members and ALL renewing members are required to attend a Range Safety Orientation class if they intend to discharge firearms on any of the three Club ranges without the presence of a Club appointed, Range Safety Officer or Instructor supervising the range. Participation in any Club activity such as: Turkey Shoots, Pistol or Rifle Matches, Club Competitions or other Club supervised activity does not require possession of a Range Safety Orientation Certificate.


The RSOC class consists of a thirty-minute meeting to familiarize individuals with the range layouts and rules pertaining to the safe loading, firing, and unloading of firearms while on Club property.


Sign-up below or call Ed Lapenas @339.832.1854

Range Safety Orientation Certification Registration

Please submit your Registration for a Range Safety Orientation Class on the form below.  You will be contacted and advised of upcoming RSOC class dates.  FAILURE to comply with this Club requirement, may result in your Club Membership Application for the following year being denied. 


Thank You for submiting your registration. I will contact you soon.

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