Turkey Shoots

Wild Turkey

Welcome to our Turkey shoot page. We have one of the best shoots around.


They run from October 17th thru April 24th.


The shoots are every Sunday at 10am be there early to get your spot shooting starts at 10 sharp.


There are 20 rounds shot. 15 Bird rounds and 5 Slug rounds.


The cost for 20 rounds is $45.00

One Roast round. $5.00 (Bird Shot)

22 Rounds. $2.50 each round.

The prizes are cash and meat.

There are also team shoots throughout the year when we compete against other clubs from the area. A trophy is given to the winning club and each round also has a meat prize for the round winner.


If you are interested in participating in one of these shoots or have any questions about turkey shoots please contact Sue at 774-262-9471